The world will be better if I share my ideas...

I've come, just moments ago, to a conclusion: The world will be better if I share my ideas (with the world). This means I'm going to blog here about some ideas that I've long been considering to be more or less "trade secrets" or something. Inventions of mine, in concept, that I think the world should have. And frankly, I'm never going to make all of them happen. And I'm also never (until I die, that is), or at least I hope I'll never, stop having more of them. So sharing some now won't preclude me from making a billion dollars off them later. Well, it might keep me from making a billion dollars off the one I share, because someone else might go do them before I do. But if I'm not going to do all of them anyway, I might as well let that happen, and hope that my life can be improved for having access to the thing I wanted enough in the first place to dream it up. That said, if I happen to get any readers that are in a position to fund a startup to make some of these ideas fly, I'd be happy if you'd drop me a line before starting something going. Chances are good that I've thought about this (whatever idea it happens to be) in more depth than has made it to the blog, and perhaps for some stock in a startup, I'd be happy to be on an advisory board or something. Or maybe, for some of the ideas, I'd even be up for launching the company myself, with the help of your financial resources (and, then, by hiring the requisite number of Really Smart People to make it all happen -- hopefully, the Done, and Gets Things Smart sort of people. Sorry I keep picking on you, Steve). But really, I think the world will benefit just as much, and probably more, from someone else taking these ideas and running with them, than by helping me to run with them. I'm overburdened or something. (Which goes into a whole different story, which will likely find its way into this blog in some form or other over time. Today is not that time.) So yeah. Any idea that I don't have an expectation that I'm particularly likely to try to put into practice on my own is now fair game for me to blog about. Here's hoping the world will benefit from it. This all begins with the next post.

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