Don't Shoot The Dog - Teaching, Training, and general psychology

The world would be better, I assert, if everybody on this planet... or at least every teacher, parent, manager, or anyone else having any influence over others, would read and internalize the book Don't Shoot The Dog, The New Art of Teaching and Training, by Karen Pryor.

Seriously, everybody should read it. And internalize it, which probably means reading it numerous times, and playing "The Training Game" a lot, and... who knows what all else.

We frequently get our interpersonal interactions in ways that are pretty ineffective at actually getting things we want, and in ways that the other person (or creature, or whatever) will be happy with, too. And there are a few core concepts, discussed in this book (among other places, I just happen to like this particular presentation of the material), the understanding of which could make a world of difference in how we interact with each other.

It would make us happier. We'd never hate our jobs again. It would end divorce. It would bring world peace.

Perhaps these claims seem outlandish. I honestly believe, though, that if a bunch of people read this book, we'd actually go a long way towards each of those.

So go to your local library or book store, or even order a copy or twelve online if you must, but someway get your hands on a copy. And read it. And find someone to play the training game with.

First person to send me a private message mentioning this post and giving me a shipping address -- anywhere in the world -- gets a copy sent to them. (If you know me in person, claim it in person, and save me the shipping. :-)

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