What Could Be Better - an introduction

Inspired by a multitude of factors, most recently Steve Yegge telling me I should (the reading of which can be indirectly attributed to an e-mail from my friend Goose), and next most recently by the movie Julie & Julia (imdb), and third most recently by... oh, I forget. But it's not important.

The point is, I'm starting a blog. On how the world could be better. This blog will be a collection of ideas, rants, and other such musings on how I think the world could be better.

Some will be about a piece of software. Others about photographic equipment. Others on Human behavior. Others on... Well, time will tell. I'll just be writing on whatever ideas I happen to have (and be warned: I have a lot of them), related to making the world a better place.

It's kind of my life's mission, actually, to show the world that there are better ways to do things. This blog will be a way for me to work towards that mission.

Thank you for visiting. Your thoughts are welcome, on this or any post. I reserve the right to disagree, agree, or just take them as food for thought. Regardless, they will surely all be reinforcing (more on that later, like as not).

Oh yes, and one final thing, about the URL of this blog. Like "everything is better with butter" (a sentiment I tend strongly to agree with in many many cases -- though I won't go so far as to say all), I believe there's a lot that could be better in this world -- and sometimes by just a simple addition of something basic. Like butter. So, "better like butter". Besides, all the other sensible variations on "what could be better" were taken.


- David

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