An End to all Spam

The world would be better if all Spam (which I'll define below) would go away.  All of it.  Period.  Forever.

Spam, as I mean it:

- Any e-mail communication which has been sent unsolicited as part of a bulk mailing.

It could be commercial or not, and still be spam.  It could be bulk or unsolicited and not be spam.  But if it's bulk and unsolicited, it's spam.  That's my personal definition.

And it should all go away.  I don't know how many hours I've spent battling spam -- either as an e-mail administrator in a corporate IT department, or for my own personal mail system.  Regardless of the actual number, suffice it to say it was Far Too Many Hours.

Spammers, please stop.

And if you get spam (and of course you do), please...  PLEASE, I implore you: Do not EVER buy something from a spammer.  Don't do it!  Buying something from them encourages the practice.  And the fewer people, ironically, that buy from them, the more strongly it's encouraged (to a point; read Don't Shoot The Dog for more on that).  So don't do it.  Don't.

And spammers, stop spamming.  And companies thinking about spamming, don't.

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